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In 2016, Omega Psi Phi Brother Eric Lynch decided it was not enough have 1 Talent Show a year without support or follow up.  He spent many years within the Music Industry and won a Grammy Award for the recording of Miles Davis “Doo Bop” album with Producer Easy Mo Bee. In addition he spent time in administration at the Universal Music Group and Bad Boy Worldwide.  Having an understanding of the complex web of the Music Industry, he made the decision to form a entity that would support young entertainers and artist through their endeavors.  Named after a poem by Omega Psi Psi Bother Langston Hughes, “The Dreamkeeper Project” was born.  Eric says “Young people have dreams and we will be the keeper of those dreams as we support those young people who have aspiration within Arts and Entertainment.” 

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Arts and Entertainment are filled opportunities.  Our network is able to guide you through any area within the Arts and Entertainment Industry. 

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We are constantly working to produce activities and program that support the dreams of our youthful community.  Check the calendar for events. 

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Coming Soon: 2018 Talent Hunt


We will be stepping things up for the Xi Phi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Inc. 2018 Talent Hunt.  Stayed Tuned.  

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